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Información práctica y efectiva para construir tu domo

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Dome Construction Course

Información del producto

Online course to learn how to build geodesic domes

Learn to build your dome in a simple and entertaining way!!!

Together we will build a dome step by step.

you´ll learn:

  • Basic mathematical and geometric concepts of geodesic domes
  • Features and types of domes
  • Triangle construction techniqueand assembly pattern
  • Calculation of measurements and angles (use of online tool)
  • Practical manufacture of edges, triangles and dome
  • Dome roofing (roofing pattern and asphalt shingle technique)
  • Manufacture windows (fixed and folding)

Learn in a didactic and simple way.

We mix theory with practical step for easy understanding.

Additionally, by purchasing the video, we provide you with advice and help to resolve your doubts and queries.

The most parctical and effective course to build domes is now available!!!

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